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Aqua Park

Want to bring fun for all ages to your lake? Inflatable water parks can be located in scenic spots, hotels, commercial plazas, sea, lake, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and beaches. Floating Aqua Park consists of floating inflatable trampolines, mats, slides, and obstacle courses. Water parks come in many sizes and are also made to order, we are happy to create a unique water park to suit your budget. Sea inflatable water park is not just for kids, but for everyone. Even adults will be excited about this refreshing outdoor activity.

Lilytoys professional manufactuere for inflatable aqua park with more than 20 years experience . Lilytoys  water park and meet the  standard EN ISO 25649 .  The water park can use on lake , on the sea , in the pool. Inflatable Lake Water Parks or a Floating Water Park Investment will garner you a return in 1 Season! Commercial inflatable water parks are high quality designed and have specialty built obstacle pieces that can all be connected then rearranged to form a race track or running track all while floating on the water! 

Features of sea inflatable water park:

1. No infrastructure required, easy to install. Floating Aqua Park has a wide range of applications, and can be used on lakes, seas, and swimming pools, and can be spliced freely and flexibly.

2. Diverse and rich styles, with EU patents. Also can be customized with 3D design.

3. Passed CE EN ISO 25649 certification, anti-cold and anti-ultraviolet.

4. Fully automatic cutting machine imported from Germany. Ensuring high efficiency and precise cutting.

5. Use the best inflation valve and deflation valve to double maintain the air pressure and have excellent air-closing performance. Large equipment will also add safety valves to make it safer.

6. The inkjet printing is a combination of high-definition inkjet printing, special silk screen printing, and UV printing. The printing is stable and accurate, beautiful and gorgeous, and the color is guaranteed to last.

7. Great value for money will give you the most durable inflatable products at the cheapest factory price.

As a leading sea inflatable water park supplier, Lily offers a variety of lake inflatable water park for sale, perfect for climbing, bouncing and even diving. Attract clients easily with our flexible sports parks to suit any lake or budget. Lily will continue to manufacture and provide more high-quality inflatable aqua park solutions for customers in Southeast Asia countries like Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc. 

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