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Giant Inflatable Slide
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Giant Inflatable Slide

When it comes to mobile water parks, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A water slide with a unique shape and rich gameplay? A mobile pool for a free swim? In most of our impressions, swimming pools and giant inflatable water slides are the most classic existences in water parks.

Giant Inflatable Water Slides For Sale

The inflatable water slide is a kind of inflatable toy made of high quality meshed PVC material through the steps of cutting, sewing, heat sealing and beautification. In addition to inflatable slides, there are also inflatable trampolines, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable punching and so on. But why are giant inflatable water slides so popular?

1. The shape on it is soft, whether it is a slide or a cartoon animal, and parents are not worried about the safety of their children.

2. There are many styles of new inflatable water slides. The appearance of Super Flying Man, Underwater World, and Return of the Saint are all very novel and beautiful.

3. The slide occupies a very small volume after being packaged and folded, and it only needs a tricycle or van to pull it away.

4. There is no time limit when playing on the inflatable slide.

5. No infrastructure required, easy to install. The water slide can be used in different venues.

As a professional inflatable water slides supplier, LilyToys provides best quality commercial inflatable water slide with pool, giant inflatable water slides for sale, also with various mobile water parks, indoor parks for you to choose from. For the customized 3D design and sizes, welcome to contact us!

Applicable venues:

The giant inflatable water slides are widely applied in Water parks, large communities, schools, commercial real estate, resorts, stadiums, exhibition centers, urban carnivals, commercial events, TV program co-production, etc. Not limited by geographical location, new inflatable water slide for sale can be designed and placed anywhere.

Notes: Although inflatable slides are very popular now, you must pay attention to safety when operating, especially fix the windproof nose to prevent the inflatable slides from being blown down by strong winds!

Giant Inflatable Water Slides For Sale

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