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Giant Water Park Design

Inflatable Floating Water Park For Sale

Considering to create your unique inflatable water park at a competitive price? Even in the same body of water, different designs can create completely different water parks. LilyToys is always working hard to give you more options for your own budgets. Please contact us for your valuable needs, whether it's a commercial pool, lakeside or beach, we can all help to build your fabulous commercial aquatic inflatable kingdom!

Besides the various layout designs of the water park, we also focus on the production process. The inflatable floating water parks are made from high quality meshed PVC. Fully automatic cutting machine imported from Germany ensures efficient and precise cutting. 

Adopting high temperature heat sealing process, the welding quality is high, the sealing is good, and the appearance is beautiful. All the accessories like D-rings, handles, air valves are available. This makes the various parts of the park more aesthetic and durable.

As a leading inflatable floating water parks supplier, we also offer stand-alone components such as giant inflatable water slides to complement your unmatched water park. With our complete water park inflatable design service, you can connect any number of pieces, from floating inflatable islands to inflatable vertical bars! If you want to take your business to the next level, inspire your customers and increase your revenue, welcome to contact us!

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