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Medical Tent

Inflatable medical tents and emergency shelters can be used as temporary buildings for disaster relief and rapid deployment of emergency preparation. LilyToys supplies tents and supporting accessories around the world. Our inflatable products are known for their reliability and excellent quality.

Our inflatable medical tent has all built-in technical functions. The most important device is that the drumming device maintains constant pressure in the frame, keeps the entire tent stabilized at any circumstances, extends the life of the tent, and almost eliminates the risk of losing due to damage.

These asylons can provide positive or negative pressure environments by connecting the front hall. The front hall is easy to connect to form wind and rain.

The inflatable medical tent is the perfect structure that quickly and easily deploy in emergency situations. These temporary structures are often used to respond to disaster response to the global crisis, such as epidemic, virus eruption, earthquakes, and other natural problems.

Our inflatable emergency tent can reach 3 meters, including all the necessary accessories required for installation. They can also be completely customized through detachable banners to adapt to different applications. All the shapes and sizes of refuge can be customized according to your specific cases.

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