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Ground Water Park
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Ground Water Park

A inflatable ground water park with water slides, splash zones, and a variety of patterns, paints and shapes, this large inflatable ground water park has a variety of activities to keep kids interested while keeping the setup simple. It's the perfect solution for little non-swimmers without the hassle, danger or expense of a swimming pool. And with a larger weight limit and human capacity, the inflatable ground water park is a children's holiday paradise.

Consists of a mix of bouncy castles, slides and children's swimming pools, high-quality giant inflatable water slides and children's water parks from Lilytoys are suitable for scenic spots, hotels, commercial plazas, schools, children's parks and various opening ceremonies, wedding and birthday celebrations, it can definitely help your open land area become the best water park nearby.

Features of inflatable ground water park:

1. No infrastructure required, easy to install. used in different venues.

2. The entrance and exit of the main body adopts double PVC sewing to be more firm, and the bounce surface is strengthened and reinforced to be safer.

3. There are multiple windproof buckles on the side elevation and back of the product. The multi-directional windproof rope buckle settings can make the wind rope better fix and greatly improve the safety performance of the product.

4. The foot of the ladder is also reinforced, which is not easy to fall off; in addition, handles are added on both sides, which is safer and more convenient for children to climb.

5. The air outlet has a built-in baffle, which can prevent the air from leaking quickly. In the event of a sudden power outage, there is a buffer time, which is more secure.

These accessible inflatable ground water parks can be easily set up, dismantled and stored during the colder months. But before buying, you should keep some factors in mind:

1. Age of the child - think about who will be using the water slide. Slides may have limited height and weight capacity, so it's important not to exceed that.

2. Available Space - Choose a water slide based on the amount of land space you have to avoid buying a slide that is too large.

3. Material - PVC is the best material choice because of its durability and elasticity.

4. Design - Choose a design according to your child's preference. We have plenty to choose from, including fun slides, refreshing overhead sprinklers, water cannons and a variety of other features.

5. Tips for easy setup and water slide safety - water parks can be dangerous if not set up properly. Be sure to read and follow all safety and operating instructions posted on the inflator itself.

If you are looking for high quality inflatable ground water park for sale, welcome to contact us! With personalized design service and factory supply price, inflatable ground water parks and sea inflatable water parks have gained high reputation from customers in Southeast Asia countries like Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc. Sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

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