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Inflatable toy holder shopping tips

March 10, 2022

Inflatable toys are very interesting toys for children. Compared with many toys, inflatable toys will have a higher safety performance and a wider variety of choices, but if it is a relatively large inflatable toy, it is put together. There are many aspects that need attention, what specific aspects to pay attention to? We can look at the following two points.


First of all, look at the bracket swimming pool bracket steel tube. 

Support tube plays a very important role in the overall support of the pool. It bears the weight of the water and the huge pressure generated by people playing. Therefore, the quality of the support tube is very important. Investors should wipe it off when purchasing. Bright eyes! There are two styles of support tubes, one is a multi-section sleeve and one is one-piece. The overall load-bearing capacity of the one-piece support tube is much stronger than the multi-section socket, which can increase the overall stability of the support pool. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a one-piece support tube when choosing a support pool.

Next look at the pool's cloth.

 The fabric of the support pool carries the water pressure, so its quality affects the overall service life of the support swimming. After a field trip, you will find that some companies produce pool fabric as a whole fabric, while others use patchwork fabric to save costs. So which is better? Of course, the whole fabric is produced! The spliced fabric will not only affect the appearance, but also lead to joint breakage and cause accidents.

What are the water circulation methods of water park equipment?

Do not think that inflatable toys are actually safe, we should still operate under the guarantee of their own safety. If you need to buy inflatable toys produced by inflatable toy manufacturers, inflatable pools, inflatable not to fall, inflatable sofas, inflatable balls and other inflatable products, you can call directly to consult.

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