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How to choose reliable inflatable toys for children

February 24, 2022

A wide variety of toys, children can choose from a lot of options. We adults should pay attention to the quality, the children need to choose their own style, so how to buy and sell reliable inflatable toys?

How to choose reliable inflatable toys for children


1. shape selection

The choice of inflatable toys should first meet the child's interest in the shape of the baby under 1 year old, the main choice of bright colors, color block, rounded toys, such as colored balls, ducklings, goldfish, etc.. The choice of these animals should pay special attention to the color of the eyes and the degree of cuteness, other aspects can be ignored. When the child is one year old, you should choose some realistic animals, or even animals with a sense of terror, so that the child can see the world from an early age and develop a brave spirit. When choosing inflatable water toys, in addition to swimming rings, you can also choose some aquatic animals, such as ducks, swans, goldfish, etc.


2. Sealing check

The key to the quality of inflatable toys is their hermeticity, so the quality check is mainly to check whether there is leakage. First of all, we should observe the uninflated toy booth to see whether the printed patterns are clear and beautiful, whether the main parts of the color set is accurate, and whether the surface is stained or yellowed. The welding seam between each film is even and well fused, no wrinkles, no lumps, and no obvious desoldering. There should be no discoloration when rubbing the film surface with fingers. Observe the welding seam around the gas nozzle should be sealed tightly, the valve plug and the gas nozzle should be relatively tight, not too loose. Look at the inflatable toys against the light.


After the above surface inspection, it can be filled with air. After inflating with a pump or other means, the toy should be in full shape and stand smoothly on the table without tilting. Some toys may require a center of gravity, and the tilt should not be obvious after adjustment. The surface of the inflatable toy should be flat, with no obvious dents or creases. Gently press the toy with your hand and place the air nozzle to your ear, you should not hear the sound of air leakage. After inflating, it is best to keep the toy in a standing position for 5 minutes to observe whether it has obvious deformation or unstable standing. When the above checks are normal, the air nozzle can be pulled out, so that the toy natural pressure gas. If you do not use your hands to press the toy, the internal air should be able to keep part of it.


Through the above method of inspection, you can see how good the inflatable toy manufacturers of inflatable toys. Some have a long shelf life, will leak air, need to be replaced.


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