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How to use the inflatable can last longer time

November 18, 2020

Product maintenance

1. The inflatable model is afraid of scratching, just like the clothes we wear, even the best clothes are also afraid of scratching. When using, please avoid the around branches , communication cables' iron hooks and other sharp objects

2. The inflatable also is afraid of dragging, it is best to put a protective blanket on the place where the product is placed. The floor should be clean and avoid sharp . If you need to move the products in a large range, please lift it first and then move it. If you drag it on the ground for long time, it will be easy wear out .

3. During the operation period, it's better clean it regularly. If there is floating soil, could use a broom and other tools to clean it. If it is muddy, could use a damp cloth to clean it. If necessary, could  use a professional cleaning agent.

4. When not use at night, the products which used at outdoors, except the sealing products, other sewing products should be covered with waterproof canvas, so that avoid be wet if rain

5. When using, if the facility enters due to rain, the product should be dried in time.

6. When using, it's better recommended players strictly follow the safety waning  when playing, such as not wear shoes, not eat snacks, play at correct posture, etc.

7. When the product is not used for a long time, make sure that the product is clean and dry (without water) before packaging it into the warehouse. Our products have reusable packaging bags, so could pack and stored directly in your warehouse. Meanwhile, Remember that the warehouse should be clean and ensure Moisture-proof, Anti-corrosion, and protect bite by the mouse and insects, etc.

Notes suggestion

1. In order to take care of the product to a greater extent,  recommend that not to power off specially when use . Especially when someone is playing. And there should be no sundries at the air inlet of the air pump to avoid getting involved and causing damage to the air pump. Frequently check the usage and if the air pump is in abnormal noise, should immediately evacuates the players to ensure the safety , stop the machine and check the cause, could replace of spare pump or remove the fault before using it.

2. When Pack and deflate, could open the zipper, and let the product deflate on its own. suggest not to forcefully squeeze the product to achieve the purpose of fast deflation, and ensure that the product does not scratch the road or fences and other obstacles.

3. The inflatables is with air, which is easy to tear and has a relatively low stability. Therefore, it's better not to use it in the case of strong wind (over 6 levels of wind) and heavy rain.

How to use the inflatable can last longer time

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